Solo Exhibitions

Soup Du Jour, Only One Gallery, Toronto

Yes!, The Viewing Room, Sheffield, UK
New People Make Me Nervous, Struck Contemporary, Toronto


Selected Group Exhibitions

Hey Y'all, Only One Gallery, Toronto 

An Honest Farewell, Honest Ed’s, Toronto
Perplexities: Space, Form, and Image, Winsor Gallery, Vancouver
Art Rapture: Prohibition, 130 W 4th Ave, Vancouver

Winter Wonderwalls II, Kimoto Gallery, Vancouver
Prints on Wood, Treason Gallery, Seattle
Summer '16, Project Gallery, Toronto
Tax Collection, Guy Hepner Gallery, New York
Art Rapture, 130 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver
Closing Ceremony, Tribeca Film Festival, Gotham Hall, New York



Fucci is a Finnish-Canadian artist internationally recognized for his vibrant post-pop paintings and ligne claire style. Working in a unique category of contemporary art, Fucci brings a refreshing taste to the all too common flavours of sexual expression. Enjoyable and colourfully bold, a vibrant colour palette and minimalist approach result in thought provoking works that touch upon perversion with wit and unexpected sophistication. Fucci currently lives and works out of his studio in Toronto, Canada. His work has been shown in exhibitions across North America and Europe.

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Selected Press

Lane Nieset, Fucci: Get a Glimpse of the Mysterious Artist and his Erotic Art, Playboy, August 24, 2018
Josue Brocca, Bold Pop Illustrations That Blur The Line Between Passion And Perversion, Cultura Collectiva, July 6, 2017
Kelsey Adams, Fucci Is The Toronto Artist Whose NSFW Illustrations Are Getting Gallery Attention, The Fader, December 19, 2016
Erik Leijon, 7 People Influencing Canadian Style Today, Complex Magazine, December 9, 2016
Evan Glazman, Post-Pop Artist Fucci Talks Sexuality, Fashion And Instagram Likes, Konbini, September 16, 2016