"Soup Du Jour" Solo Exhibition Opens at OOG

*** For Immediate Release ***

Following a successful run of exhibitions in the United States and Europe, we are proud to present post-pop artist Fucci’s premier solo exhibition at OnlyOneGallery

SOUP DU JOUR, with its reference to a rotating roster of flavours or themes, is an apt title for Fucci’s premier solo show of 2017. Rather than remain within the traditional boundaries of a gallery show, SOUP DU JOUR presents a vibrant mixture of themes and mediums, including limited edition lifestyle collaborations, prints, and paintings. 

Fucci’s bright and bold colours bring to life pieces of scenes; often we do not get the whole picture but are left with an impression that something comical or sexual (or both) has just, or is just about to, take place. Women’s faces are obscured by their hair, blue birds appear from behind zippers and in between breasts. Fucci’s work provides the viewer with a stylized, dynamic, and slightly absurd slice of life – a slice that never remains exactly the same from piece to piece.

"Soup Du Jour" 
New works by Fucci
Opening Reception: 17 Mar, 2017
On View: 17 Mar - 7 Apr, 2017
6:00 - 9:00pm

Cais Mukhayesh
+ 1 416 809 6308

Photos by Anthony Tuccitto